When we talk about mental preparation, we often think about goal setting, positive self-talk, emotion management, focus, and so on.

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to get down to serious business and mentally prepare for your 2018 ultimate season. What specific actions can we take right now to be mentally stronger at tryouts and for the next season?

Work On Your Vision

This season, you may want to improve your speed or become a great defensive player. Identifying those goals is easy in comparison to achieving them. It is very difficult to make the right choice every single day when it is time to train, to eat well, to go out and throw in the rain. When faced with those challenges, wouldn’t it be much easier to change the plan, just for today, because you feel sick or you had a bad day, and to relax and enjoy yourself?

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This article was published on Ultiworld, a website dedicated to the sport of Ultimate.