What has the greatest impact on your performance when you step on the field? Your emotions.

If you want your game to be consistent and at its best, you must be able to recognize how you feel and learn how to deal with your emotions. Here are three ways to help you cope with uncomfortable emotions that arise in crucial moments.

1. Raise Your Tolerance for Frustration and Discomfort

Albert Ellis, an American Psychologist who developed Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, identified 12 irrational (or self-defeating) beliefs that underlie most unhelpful emotions and behaviors. These are rules we live by and, even if we are not aware of them, they determine how we react to life.

For example, if you hold Ellis’ second self-defeating belief:

To feel happy and be worthwhile, I must succeed at whatever I do and make no mistakes.

In a game, the moment you drop the disc, it is possible that you conclude that you are not worthwhile.

In life, we are always free to choose from what perspective we want to look at events. However, our perspective is influenced by our beliefs. As an athlete, some ways to look at events and situations can enhance our performance, while other ways can block us from reaching our goals.

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This article was published on Ultiworld, a website dedicated to the sport of Ultimate.