Have you ever wondered why some players look extremely confident in big games, while others crack under pressure? Is confidence something you are born with, or something you can build? Are there any tools that can help you feel confident at a critical moment, like on double game point?

Yes, there are.

Self-confidence is definitely something you can build – it doesn’t have to take years of hard work and it is not as complicated as you may think. You can get results very quickly just by making a few changes in your habits and behaviors.

Take Control of Your Confidence

First of all, do you know exactly what makes you feel confident? The first step in increasing self-confidence is to identify what triggers it.

To feel confident, do you need…

  • to feel that your coach trusts you?
  • support from your teammates?
  • a perfect warm up?
  • good weather conditions, with little or no wind?
  • to be called on the field every two points?
  • a good night’s sleep the day before the game?
  • to feel that you are in a good shape?
  • a good diet on game day?

All the elements listed above can help you feel confident. However, notice how you have control over the last three sources of confidence, but you have little to no control over the first five.

If a perfect warm up is important for you to feel confident, what will happen if you make a few mistakes during your pregame warm up? You may be affected at the start of the game. Similarly, if your confidence comes from the trust your coach places in you, you may see your confidence becoming a bit shaky when, for whatever reason, real or perceived, you don’t feel that trust. Yes, you can take action to build trust between you and your coach, but you can’t force your coach to show their trust the way you would like it to show.

We all have a way we would like others to support us – teammates or coaches. But we can’t control the behaviors of the people around us. That is why building your confidence on something you don’t have control over makes it risky. Do you want to feel self-confident in any situation? Make sure it is based on something that’s under your control.

To build an unwavering confidence, make a list of what makes you feel confident. Then, determine your level of control over each element you have listed. After finishing your list, if you realize that you don’t have control over some of your sources of confidence, you may want to replace them by elements that you control.

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This article was published on Ultiworld, a website dedicated to the sport of Ultimate.