You just had a difficult warmup. Your legs were heavy, you felt out of sync, and you made a few throwing mistakes. Your reaction speed may be slower than usual or, conversely, you feel overactive and you can’t seem to calm down. Your game will start in a few minutes. You need to refocus and regain control. How is it possible to do so in such a short time period?

In this article, I will reveal to you one of your brain’s superpowers and how to use it to create a boost of confidence in a few minutes, right before you step on the field.

The Superpower of Your Brain

One very effective way to reach excellence faster is to get a glimpse of how it feels to get there. When you have experienced something once — for example, feeling confident, focused, and offering your best performance in a tournament final — it is easier to get back to that level of performance later, since you already know how it feels.

But how can you get back on track if, for example, you have never experienced changing your mindset after a warm up that didn’t meet your expectations? There is another way.

In your brain, there is a system that is wired to help you with this kind of situation.

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This article was published on Ultiworld, a website dedicated to the sport of Ultimate.