Do you do better in practice than in games?

Do you want to avoid mistakes so badly that you get very nervous and underperform when it counts?

Does your confidence easily fade when things don’t go as expected?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to master your focus by creating your COMPASS.

Photo by Todd Cravens for Unsplash

What is a compass for an ultimate player?

A compass is a device for determining directions. In ultimate, your process goals make up your compass.

Process goals are objectives over which you have full control and relate to the execution and form of a tactical gesture or strategy. Process goals are the steps that lead to your outcome goal—the result you want to achieve.

These goals depend only on you, not on your team’s or teammates’ performance. They also help you improve your game and approach your outcome goal.

3 reasons why you need your compass to play at your best

In sports, building your own compass will reduce your stress level and increase self-confidence in three ways.

You have more control

Stress is directly related to our sense of power over our performance. When we don’t feel completely confident and in control of something, we start to feel nervous. Giving yourself process goals – small and very specific objectives – increases your level of control over a situation.

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