How to Practice at Home When We Can’t Practice on the Field

When an unforeseen event arises that prevents us from practicing our sport, the solution is to seize the opportunity to train other aspects of our game! For example, if I hurt my shoulder, I could spend more time working on my footwork, my vertical jump, and catching discs with one hand. I could also visualize my throws, work on my capacity to concentrate, and learn to relax my body. Today, I offer you 10 exercises that you can do at home to develop your mental skills, a very important aspect of peak performance in games and tournaments!

The Power of Visualization

Pascual Leone’s experiences have shown that you can modify and restructure your brain by using your imagination.

“We selected normal subjects, asked them to sit in front of a piano and then we asked them to repeat a five-finger movement, from thumb to little finger, then little finger to thumb, and so on at a given speed. We found out that during the five days of training, the brain area that controls the flexion of the fingers becomes larger and larger. There was another group of subjects who sat in front of the piano and imagined that they were moving their fingers, without actually doing it, just by mentally repeating the gesture. We found out that their brains change in exactly the same way as those who actually do the gesture. So the idea is that, just thinking will change the brain.”

Click to access the 10 exercises you can do at home when you can’t practice on the field.

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