About Me

As a mental coach, I believe that sport is an extraordinary tool to develop human potential. My name is Guylaine Girard, and I help ultimate players free themselves from stress, doubts and everything that makes them underperform, and build effective mental strategies to achieve their full potential when it matters most.

The Coach’s Power

For more than 15 years, I have also helped coaches teach their athletes how to deal with stress and build confidence. Your players respect you and listen to you. They trust you. They often follow your example. When you, as a coach, show mental strength and integrate mental training into your coaching, you will fast-track your athletes’ learning about mental preparation and it will rapidly show on the field.

My story

I have always loved sports. When I was younger, I started my athletic career as a gymnast, then I discovered ultimate. From the age of 15, I was attracted to the coaching and leadership world, and as of today, I have been coaching athletes for more than 25 years.

Throughout my athletic career, I have experienced great challenges in competition. As a gymnast, I was hardworking, athletic, and talented, but my competition results were far from worthy of my efforts and talent. From my very first competition, I underperformed many times and it affected my confidence. Over the years, I became increasingly nervous. Although I knew I had the talent and the abilities, I didn’t know what else to do to perform up to my expectations.

After several years of competition with mixed results, I finally understood that training my mind was the key to stepping up to the next level. However, I was unsure how to do this.

To find out, I took university-level sport psychology courses, did a great deal of reading, and undertook other courses and training. Over time, I found many effective ways to develop my mental skills and, later, those of the athletes I taught.

In 2014, I won the gold medal at the World Championships with my team Vintage, which I was one of the captains. My hard work has finally paid off!

Today, in my work as a mental coach, I want to help you enhance your mental strength so you can fulfill your dreams and show the world your full potential.

My values


In life, I am an efficient person! I sometimes get impatient and want results immediately. That’s why I’m constantly looking to give you my best stuff, stuff that really works, and that I use in my coaching every day.


In my work, I simplify and vulgarize mental preparation, so that you can quickly integrate the concepts and improve your performance for your next game. You use your mind every day, and it is important to understand how it works! Accessible also means available. I offer online coaching sessions, so you can access them wherever you are in the world.


I love working with teams and groups, whether coaches, athletes, or parents. Sharing experiences and perspectives is one of the best ways to learn and grow. Every time I lead a team mental coaching session, I am amazed by how quickly we, as a group, can solve problems and find new solutions.

Professional Bio


  • Bachelor’s degree in high-level coaching, Université Laval
  • NCCP Level 4 – International Level
  • MBTI Level 2 and Enneagram Certifications (Personality Types)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Level 1


  • 25 years in the field of sports coaching, mainly in ultimate and gymnastics.
  • Coaches’ mentor for 15 years. My areas of expertise include team-building, conflict management, stress management, emotion management and leadership.
  • Former head coach of AUDL’s Montreal Royal.
  • Captain of the Canadian Master’s Women Ultimate Team Gold Medalist at the 2014 World Championships.
  • Coach of a Senior National Champion in gymnastics in 2007.
  • Recipient of the FQU Coach of the Year Award in 2011

My Services

  • Individual mental coaching sessions for athletes
  • Team mental coaching sessions, in person or online
  • Coaching sessions for coaches, to help implement mental strategies with their teams
  • Monthly coaching memberships on Patreon

To make an appointment with me, email me at info@ggmentalprep.com.


“Guylaine, I just wanted to share with you something I’m proud of. I was able to do my pregame visualization DURING my warm-up! It was the first time I was able to do it, and the result was that automatically, I entered the zone! It was pretty crazy as a feeling, like a switch that I could turn ON in a few seconds. I was also able to visualize my performance against the opposing team. It’s thanks to you that I had the tools to do this. Thank you so much!”
Jessie Grignon-Tomás
2019 USAU Nationals Gold Medalist, Brute Squad 

“The mental preparation sessions with Guylaine taught me to recognize when my mind had a negative impact on my performance. I discovered new ways of thinking that helped me stay focused and give 100% during my AUDL games. I still use her tips anytime I need to regain my focus when facing challenges.”
Raynald Nemours
Montreal Royal, AUDL

“When I started my ultimate season, I knew I was physically ready. Despite everything, I was not performing to my full potential. Guylaine knew how to get me out of my comfort zone and helped me better understand how my body reacted at important moments. I now feel accomplished thanks to Guylaine’s exercises and tips!”
Julie Landry
2016 WUGC Team Canada Master Women

“Guylaine joined our team’s leadership team in 2013 and her coaching expertise had an immediate impact on how efficient our team (Vintage) became at winning.”
Alison Fischer
2019 World U24 Ultimate Championship and Iris Coach

My Vision

A world in which sport becomes a tool to transcend the ego and access unlimited human potential, and competition an opportunity offered by the other to measure oneself.