If you are an athlete, you want to not only perform but excel under pressure. You want to push your limits and master your state of mind during big tournaments. After a mistake, you want to bounce back quickly and stay strong and focused on the game.

If you are a coach, you want to give your athletes the tools to better manage their stress. You want to help them build self-confidence and teach them to trust each other during big games. It’s more important for you to win as a team than to win at any cost. Above all, you want to make a difference in your athletes’ lives and inspire them to surpass themselves and become better athletes and human beings.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions? If so, you are in the right place.


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My name is Guylaine Girard, and I believe that sport is an extraordinary tool for developing human potential. I have coached athletes for 25 years, mainly in ultimate frisbee and gymnastics. In 2016, I was head coach of the AUDL’s Montreal Royal. As a mental coach, I worked with Team Canada’s U24 Women, Iris, the Montreal Royal, and Vintage in 2019.


  • Bachelor’s degree in high-level coaching, Université Laval
  • NCCP Level 4 – International Level
  • MBTI Level 2 and Enneagram Certifications (Personality Types)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification
  • Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Level 1

In my work, my real passion is making ultimate players and coaches aware of what prevents them from achieving their goals and giving them practical and effective tools to access their full potential.

Here on my website and also on my Patreon page for Ultimate Players and Coaches, you will find the articles I write for blogs and magazines such as Ultiworld, VC Ultimate, and Ulty Results.

Reading books and articles on the mental side of the game is a good way to learn and develop understanding. This is the first step.

However, if you really want results, you need hands-on experience.

Today, I want to invite you to make a commitment to yourself and take your mental training to the next level.

When you become a Patreon member, you will gain access to one mental training exercise per month, specifically designed to help you reach your full potential during your next season.

Improve your mental skills quickly and reach new heights in ultimate!

With your Patreon membership, you will have access to the following:

  • The 7-Day Challenge to Boost Self-Confidence, which starts on January 20, 2020. Every day for a week, you will receive a tip that you can easily apply during games and practices to build self-confidence. When you subscribe, you get access to previous training sessions.
  • One mental training exercise per month to prepare for your ultimate season, as well as tips and practical advice.
  • Topics presented in a particular sequence to help you reach your peak by the end of your season.
  • With the Ultimate Coach Membership, you will also receive editable, copyright-free Word documents that you can freely adapt and use with your team.
    PDF forms that you can fill out directly on your computer.
  • The ability direct message me anytime via Patreon with your questions or comments.

Here are the monthly themes:

  • January: The 7-Day Challenge to Boost Self-Confidence
  • February: Master Your Mind and Focus
  • March: Less Stress, More Excitement
  • April: Build Your Mental Training Plan for the Season
  • May: The Winning Attitude
  • June: Build Your Pregame Plan
  • July: Overcome Mistakes and Manage Distractions
  • August: Your Game Day Action Plan
  • September: Strategies for Performing Under Pressure
  • October: Assess Your Performance
  • November: Learn to Relax
  • December: Break Through Your Biggest Mental Barriers

Information and Memberships
Ultimate Player Membership – $4 US per month
Ultimate Coach Membership – $6 US per month

Are you ready?
Make a commitment to yourself and go for it!

I hope to see you soon,



  • Individual mental coaching sessions for athletes
  • Team mental coaching sessions, in person or online
  • Coaching sessions for coaches, to help implement mental strategies with their teams
  • Monthly coaching memberships on Patreon

To make an appointment with me, email me at info@ggmentalprep.com.